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The Healing Cycle Foundation

Founded in 2005, the Healing Cycle Foundation is a volunteer-based, registered charity that honours life by raising and stewarding funds to hospice palliative care services that provide compassion and uphold dignity for those living with a terminal illness and their loved ones.

We believe that dying is a part of living and that it is critically important for society to make a very difficult life passage both manageable and meaningful for people facing death, as well as for their loved ones. We value quality end-of-life care and believe that patients and their loved ones should be supported - physically, emotionally, socially and spiritually throughout the hospice palliative care process.

Phase One: $1 Million Commitment

The Foundation's first initiative was to raise $1,000,000 for the Palliative Care Unit at Credit Valley Hospital in Mississauga. To date, we have raised $835,000 and in 2011 we will reach the completion of this major milestone. Funds from our commitment have contributed to the building of the new 10,000 square foot, 15-bed centre which will house a comprehensive, family-centered program that responds to the needs of patients and their families when illness is not responsive to curative treatment. We have also used the funds to purchase all of the equipment for this new facility, everything from beds, chairs, linen carts, overbed tables and pumps, to televisions, stereos and even a new piano that is played by volunteers and family members.

Through our Kids4Kids program we have funded a Pediatric Palliative Care Facilitator position at the hospital for three years. This individual assists families once it becomes clear that their child no longer has curative treatment options at the Hospital for Sick Kids and the family wants to bring their child home. The Facilitator helps establish contact with local pediatricians and palliative care doctors and also bridges the gap between community services, Credit Valley Hospital and multidisciplinary team members. The Facilitator communicates a plan of care regarding complications, pain management and end of life.

In recognition of its significant gift, the new palliative care facility at Credit Valley Hospital will be named after the Healing Cycle Foundation.

Phase Two: Helping Hospice Palliative Care Across Ontario

The Healing Cycle Foundation is expanding our focus in 2011 by supporting hospices and palliative care facilities across Ontario. We will support these organizations in two ways:

The Healing Cycle Ride

Any hospice palliative care organization that wants to raise money through our annual Healing Cycle Ride in Mississauga, can enter a team starting in 2011. 100% of the funds raised by each hospice palliative care team will go directly to its organization.

For further detailed information on the Healing Cycle Ride and how hospice palliative care organizations can participate, see Hospice Palliative Care Teams (coming soon) or contact us.

Grant Opportunities

Starting in 2012, hospice palliative care organizations within Ontario will be able to request grants from the Healing Cycle Foundation. Working with the HAO, the Healing Cycle Foundation will develop, in 2011, a process for receiving and evaluating grant applications – guidelines, criteria and application requirements. Once this has been developed and formalized the information will be posted on this website. For further information on grants please contact us.