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Minimum requirements

Minimum Fundraising Requirements

Registration Fee: $0 (Before June 1st)
Registration Fee: $25
(After June 1st)

Suggested Goal: $400

In order to participate in the Healing Cycle Virtual Ride, a rider must raise a minimum amount of donations.

In addition to raising funds, cyclists must pay to register for the ride. These non-refundable fees partially cover the event expenses so that the ride donations can go directly to supporting hospice palliative care across Ontario.


Fundraising Policy

The Healing Cycle has a firm fundraising policy. If you are unable to make the minimum fundraising level for the distance you have chosen you can drop down to a shorter distance that has a lower fundraising requirement. If you sign up within a team, team members cannot compensate for each other if one cyclist falls short in their fundraising. Every cyclist must raise their own required minimum amount.

Ready to collect donations?

Download the Healing Cycle Ride pledge form!

Rider Fundraising Resources

Not sure where to start with reaching your fundraising goal? Check out these great resources. And remember, if you need help with anything or want us to create a different type of collateral for you, reach out to Jane;

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