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Blog 1: Importance of Exercise

Exercise is very important and is a necessary aspect for every person’s life. No matter how busy you are, you must take time off your busy schedule for some sort of exercise. Without exercise, you risk getting diseases, gaining weight, depression, anxiety, fatigue, and so many other problems. Now this doesn’t mean that if you do exercise you won’t be affected by any of these problems, rather it will lower the risk of chances of you getting those problems. There are many factors that can cause these problems such as diet, stress, genetics, and so on, but in this blog I will be focusing mostly on the importance of exercise.

Now how do you implement a healthy lifestyle? Well the first part is to understand the importance of doing exercise. Even if you have nothing to do with your life, you may be reluctant to do any exercise whatsoever. The most important step is to realize that you have to do exercise. This is because the most important thing in your life is your health. Without your health, you can’t work, you can’t eat, you can live, you can’t breathe, and you can’t go on vacation. If your health dies, you die as well. That is why it is important to take good care of it. Just like your car, if you put 87 gas in it runs, but if you put 94 or 91 gas, your car runs smoothly. You have to invest in your health just like you invest in everything else such as your education, your job, your business, your family, and so on.

Now you may be asking, what kind of exercise should I do and for how long? According to some reports, the average adult needs about 2.5 hours of exercise per day, however this varies based on individual needs. There are thousands of different types of exercises you can do. For many people that may be going to the gym, going for a run/walk, and/or playing a sport. However for others, it may be military training, triathlons, at-home workouts, and so on. Also, your job may already have some sort of exercise already. For example, if you are a gym teacher, you probably get loads of exercise per day. If you are working in the labour industry, then you probably are sweating a lot on a daily basis, which is very good for your body. Whatever the exercise is, it is important that you are doing some sort of exercise consistently. It is more important nowadays to do exercise because for many of us, our jobs reside in the office, which isn’t the best for our health since we are barely doing any exercise in the office. Also, the foods we eat nowadays are very different from what people used to eat back in the day. Nowadays, the majority of foods aren’t organic and are processed, which include so many different chemicals that aren’t healthy at all.

If you are really interested in doing a new type of exercise, you may want to check out The Healing Cycle. The Healing Cycle Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports hospices and palliative care organizations across Ontario. We support these organizations through the Healing Cycle Ride. Any hospice palliative care organization that wants to raise money through our annual Healing Cycle Ride can enter as a team. In 14 years, we have donated over $2.8 Million Dollars for Ontario hospices and palliative care units. Every year, we host a bicycle ride and walk/run and we have so many options. To start off with the bicycle ride, we have the 10KM, 25 KM, 50 KM, and 100KM. We also welcome children and sidekicks. For the walk/run, we have the 5KM and the 10KM. The way it works is that there is a minimum amount of donations required for you to fundraise in order to qualify to participate, but not to worry, the amount of money needed is not very high and the money goes to charity which is why that requirement is in place. Also, if you don’t want to fundraise, there is a $90 fee to just ride and you wouldn’t have to fundraise any money. We hope to see you at the event on September 15, 2019 starting at Roche Canada and Mississauga and for more information, please visit our website at Thank you and good luck to all those participating.