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Blog 2: Healthy Eating

Healthy eating is a very important aspect of any individual's well-being. Unfortunately, it isn't that easy to implement a healthy lifestyle. We always have the option to choose whether we eat healthy or not. Finding healthy foods isn't as easy and convenient sometimes, and that is why we have to strive to implement a healthy diet consistently.

Now the real question is why should we implement a healthy diet and there are many different answers to that question. First and foremost, our bodies weren't created so we can eat chips, chocolate, cookies, candies, etc. Sure we can eat these things occasionally, but not daily. Secondly, if we don't eat healthy, we risk getting so many different kinds of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, obesity, fatigue, low metabolism, heart failure, high blood pressure, acne, etc. Thirdly, these foods aren't good for our mental health either. When we eat healthy foods, we start to think better and clearer. When we eat junk food, we forget our thoughts and get into a grumpy mood especially after a few hours after we eat junk foods. In truth, junk food is very bad for our mental health and is even worse for our bodies.

Now you may be asking, well why do people eat junk food and there are many answers to that question. Some people eat it because they are used to eating it when they were a kid. Others eat it because they find it cheap and some eat it because it gives them a sort of "high" after they eat things like sweets and sugar. In reality, there are many reasons as to why someone may harm himself/herself and overeat junk food excessively. Another point to mention is that eating junk food is an addiction for many people just like how someone can be addicted to drugs, alcohol, smoking, etc., and it isn't easy to fix this problem. Also, it may seem that it looks fine that they are eating junk food and that they are having fun, but in reality, it is destroying their body more than anything else. According to some new studies, junk food kills more people a year worldwide than smoking does. You may find that hard to believe and you may not even believe it, but in reality, this is the truth and I will explain why. When you smoke, you are mainly destroying your lungs. This is not good. However, when you eat junk food, you are destroying many different organs in your body at the same time. When you eat, the food goes down your digestive system and this is compiled of the stomach, the small and large intestines, the pancreas, liver, kidney, appendix, gallbladder, etc. Also, you may not feel any pain at all when you eat junk food, but in reality, your organs are being harmed every time you eat those foods. That is why some people go to the doctor's office one day or the emergency room because they are feeling lots of pain frequently and then the doctor tells them you have stage 4 cancer, and you only have a few months to live. This may sound crazy but in reality, prevention is better than treatment. To prevent a disease is better than to treat one and that is what any doctor will tell you.

Now moving on, let's look at how you can implement a healthy diet. First and foremost, you have to have the intention to go on a diet or change your lifestyle. If you forget easily or get carried away and change your mind, have someone remind you daily, and if you can't, try and purchase a Fitbit to remind you that you have to stay healthy, or even purchase a mini-fridge in your room and buy your own groceries. Whatever it may be that will help you to remember that you need to stay healthy, take full advantage of it because you will need someone or something that will hold you accountable if that isn't yourself already. Secondly, understand that change is not going to come in one day. Change takes time. If you are addicted to something, don't expect that that thing is going to stop in one day. It takes time and usually it takes around 30 days to make a new habit or to break an old one. Secondly, try to take control of the foods you purchase or if your parents are purchasing food for you, then try to tell them what to buy, and if you don't like something they bought, avoid it and eat something else. Thirdly, create a list of what foods you can and can't eat. This will help to remind you what you can and can't eat and this will make it easier for you to stick to your diet, otherwise, you may feel that you can't eat anything so you will just give up and go back to your old ways. Thirdly, some people can manage to have a cheat day and eat their favorite foods once a month or once every few weeks. If you can do that and it would affect your diet/body, then go ahead, but if you know that it will do more harm than good, try and avoid it. Overall, try to be moderate when it comes to eating healthy and not to be too hard on yourself at first as it won't be an effective measure. Finally, being on a diet can make you feel hungry at times or not feeling full, however, you can try to chew gum as that can help to make you eat less often and you can try and understand that you won't die if you don't eat as the human body is capable to go a month without food, and 3 days without water. This means eating 3 meals a day or more will definitely give you the energy you need to do any sort of work.

If you want something to motivate you to implement a healthy diet and practice your workouts, you may want to check out The Healing Cycle. The Healing Cycle Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports hospices and palliative care organizations across Ontario. We support these organizations through the Healing Cycle Ride. Any hospice palliative care organization that wants to raise money through our annual Healing Cycle Ride can enter as a team. In 14 years, we have donated over $2.8 Million for Ontario hospices and palliative care units. Every year, we host a bicycle ride and walk/run and we have so many options. To start off with the bicycle ride, we have the 10KM, 25 KM, 50 KM, and 100KM. We also welcome children and sidekicks. For the walk/run, we have the 5KM and the 10KM. The way it works is that there is a minimum amount of donations required for you to fundraise to qualify to participate, but not to worry, the amount of money needed is not very high and the money goes to charity which is why that requirement is in place. Also, if you don't want to fundraise, there is a $90 fee to just ride and you wouldn't have to fundraise any money. We hope to see you at the event on September 15, 2019, starting at Roche Canada and Mississauga and for more information, please visit our website at Thank you and good luck to all those participating.