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The Rookie & The Vet is a video series designed to share what the Healing Cycle foundation does, how our Foundation supports Ontario hospices, and bring light to the importance of hospice work for patients and families. The series is hosted by two of our Foundation’s Board members.

Mallory McGrath, a.k.a. The Rookie, is the newly-voted in Board member at The Healing Cycle Foundation. Mallory is the Founder and CEO of Viive Planning, a service designed to help clients and their families create harmonious and meaningful legacy plans.


Ron Kassies, a.k.a. The Vet (for Veteran), is the Chair and longest-standing Board member at The Healing Cycle Foundation. Ron is a Financial Planning Advisor at Investment Planning Counsel and works with clients to create sound investment strategies that support their life goals.


Together, Ron and Mallory will keep you updated with our Foundation’s activities, as well as bring in guests to speak about hospice-related topics that help better understand the wonderful work of hospice workers.

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The Rookie
The Vet
Mallory McGrath
Ron Kassies
Ep.1 - Introducing The Team
Ep.3 - Meeting Bonnie & Patricia
Ep.5 - Power of Legacy Gifts
Ep.7 - The Origins Credit Valley Hospital
Ep.2- Millennials vs. Baby Boomers
Ep.4 - National Volunteer Week
Ep.6 - Grief Counselling
Ep.8 - End-Of-Life Doulas
Ep. 9 - Planned Giving


The Rookie

and the Vet

About The Series


If there is a topic you’d like us to discuss in an upcoming video, drop us a line here:

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