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Participant Profile - Marlene Boyle-Acorn

1. What drew you to the Healing Cycle Foundation?

We began riding in memory of my Dad, Peter Boyle, who received incredible care through the Credit Valley Palliative Care team. His granddaughter and Holy Dinah's Team Captain, Kristi, was riding in The Ride to Conquer Cancer, after his cancer diagnosis. Dayle and I started cycling to help her train and needed some biking attire. While shopping at Via Ciclante, I saw a pamphlet for The Healing Cycle, showed it to my dad and asked if he would like us to ride in his honour. He agreed thinking it was a wonderful cause. He even agreed, making his signature phrase, "Holy Dinah", public would be the best tribute his family could give him. 2. How many years have your ridden in the Healing Cycle Ride?

Our first ride was in 2012, so this year's ride will be our 10th.

3. Why do you ride for hospice/palliative care in Ontario?

Having had my mom die alone in the hospital in 1985, and feeling that I let her down, I was relieved to know that would never need to happen again.

A note from Marlene's granddaughter:

"When the time came for Grampa Peter's end of life, we witnessed first hand what quality palliative care looks like. From the hospital discharge to the warm welcoming at Erin Mills Lodge, Peter and his family were treated graciously with respect and dignity to make the time there as comfortable as possible. Because he had access to this critical care, his family could spend irreplaceable time together playing cards (Oh Hell was the family favourite), visiting with him, and gathering around his bed in his last few days with us. It was because of his palliative care that he didn't have to die alone, he had someone's hand to hold giving him the reassurance that he was safe, that he was loved, and that is was okay for him to go. We continue to ride and support hospice/palliative care in Ontario so that more families can be supported as they face the loss of a loved one and so individuals facing end of life are empowered to pass on in peace."

4. Do you have a favourite memory from a previous Ride or do you have a find memory of a hospice interaction you would be comfortable sharing?

Hearing Tom Harrington asking all the riders to shout out "Holy Dinah" at the beginning of the ride, is a definite highlight.

A Note from Marlene's granddaughter:

"This was a confirmation that we had delivered on our promise to Peter to make his catch phrase public, a request we might not have known about had we not been in a position to receive quality end of life care for our loved one."

Click Here to support Marlene Boyle-Acorn or the Holy Dinah Team.

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